Where can I get quick financial help in the event of a shortage of money?

You are currently planning an acquisition or are currently in financial distress? And right now you just do not have enough money on the high ridge. Unforeseen expenses have caused the sudden shortage of money.

GELDNOT WHAT TO DO – to bridge the financial bottleneck?

GELDNOT WHAT TO DO - to bridge the financial bottleneck?

From whom can I reliably expect short-term financial help? Ideally, in the event of a financial bottleneck, relatives or friends help out with some money. Family or acquaintances do not always have money to hide. Borrowing money from relatives or friends is also a matter of trust. If you want to borrow money privately, you should sign up for a money lending contract.

It should be clearly enshrined in the contract over which period, at which interest and repayment the money should be lent.

People who are in financial difficulties then look for simple alternatives to the bank.  Because of a credit bureau entry or insufficient credit rating, a traditional financial institution will reject an application immediately. However, this is no reason to give up the search for emergency money.



The search for alternative financing options in the event of a shortage of money is difficult but not impossible for many. However, anyone who thinks to get cash immediately without asking questions from a wealthy wealthy person will quickly be disappointed.

You get a loan without collateral, if you can prove at least a regular income. A permanent employment relationship and a sufficient monthly income should be at least available to get a reputable loan without collateral.

If sufficient income can not be proven then you can apply for an online loan with a second applicant who has a sufficient income. Another option is to use a guarantor who has a regular and sufficient income with a permanent, unfinished employment relationship.

Persons who find it harder to get a loan can apply for the loan without credit bureau provider creditist. The financial services provider offers loan amounts between 4,000 and 60,000 USD.

Tips on emergency cash help

Tips on emergency cash help

Installment loans or so-called short-term loans with a short term are not only available at credit institutions, but also other financial service providers or private individuals lend money.
For sums up to 1000 $ own mini credit / short-term credit providers. With these lenders even immediate payments are possible. If necessary, the money can be credited to the bank account the same day.

Since the small credit intermediaries cooperate with foreign lenders, these are the mini loans without credit bureau query.

Short-term financial assistance comes in the form of a private bridging loan, despite the negative credit bureau score of private investors. For a loan from private, the credit rating (in spite of credit bureau query) are rated differently. A loan commitment will also be given to people with low credit bureau score value.

Financial support of private individuals for private individuals

Financial support of private individuals for private individuals

The alternative way to quickly raise capital, when banks have rejected the loan request, is to find reputable private financiers.
Private individuals who financially support other people and lend money privately for a certain period of time can be found in classifieds, for example.

In personal loans without money to borrow money from the bank, one expects to receive a loan from private individuals reputable, fast and easy.

But – hand on the heart! Do you know someone who has received a fair personal loan offer through such an ad, such as ” I offer credit privately ” or ” Give credit to anyone “?

Latest Ads – Forgot credit from private

Latest Ads - Forgot credit from private

Also who in recent ads under ” Forgot credit from private ” for people who claim; ” I privately lend money ” searches will rarely find an honest private investor or investor. There are quite serious private money lenders where uncomplicated loan processing is possible. You do not have to lend money illegally.

Alternative to loans from banks or classic credit intermediaries

Alternative to loans from banks or classic credit intermediaries

Personal loans for individuals are legally available in credit marketplaces in Germany or Switzerland. In such a credit platform, private borrowers and lenders are brought together.

Private donors do not have to get to know you personally, the private money lending is completely anonymous. The contact to private money lenders, is made on special platforms. Whether private money lenders now come from Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg, does not matter. The private investors lend the money from their private assets throughout Germany.

Credit of private individuals reputable

Credit of private individuals reputable

In this Internet platform, you can register for free and describe as accurately and extensively as possible, what the money is needed.
This makes it possible to lend money quickly and unbureaucratically. On the basis of the information provided by the loan seeker, a so-called score is awarded by the credit marketplace employees.

With the loan for emergency money, the money can be ready for payment within 24 hours. In no time the sum will be transferred to your account. You will receive good personal loan conditions as an employee, trainee, student, pensioner or self-employed person.

Private investors decide on the basis of the project data such as score values ​​and description (for which the money is needed), if and how much money they invest in the project. For example, if the target amount reaches a $ 15000 loan, the personal loan will be paid out.

Each month, the borrower pays his installment to an account on the platform, from where the money is distributed in percentage to the money lenders involved.

Lend money to each other

Lend money to each other

Individuals who have little chance of obtaining credit from a bank can get the loan they want, even if the credit rating is poor or if the credit bureau score is bad.
Borrowing money from home is possible in these portals without waiting for days to promise. Time-consuming negotiations with banks are eliminated in human-to-human lending.

Individuals who lend money are often used as an alternative if you want to get your desired loan without a bank quickly and easily. The approval and allocation takes place without long decision-making processes. Through uncomplicated and transparent processes, you will find a suitable offer in just a few minutes.

Trusted funders ensure that the money is readily available, regardless of the purpose.

Money shortage loan requirements

To take out a personal loan, certain conditions must be met.

  • majority
  • permanent residence in Germany
  • German account

Matching loans from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 directly received from private lenders.

To avoid need of money

To avoid need of money

In order not to fall into sudden financial difficulties, you have to build up reserves and build up assets in good time. Start saving in time. A washing machine or car can always break. Then you should also be able to quickly settle due invoices to prevent reminders.